Dragonfly Kitchens, Inc

When we say "Perfectly Designed Kitchen and Bath", this is what we promise:

  • Complimentary design consultation
  • Experienced professionals to serve you
  • Thorough, trustworthy communications throughout
  • Fine quality cabinetry and fixtures at great prices
  • Impeccable craftsmanship throughout project
  • Licensed, bonded, fully insured
  • Your pleasure with our work is guaranteed!

"We undertake projects nationally."
Denver, Seattle, Lexington, San Diego, Santa Fe, Albuquerque

Dragonfly's Susie (left) working in Paris, 2007 Susie Johnson, President, Dragonfly Kitchens, Inc. WORK EXPERIENCE FROM 1970s TO PRESENT Involved in residential construction businesses in both California and Washington
Developed and operated successful retail stores in Enumclaw, WA and Lexington, KY for 18 years. Sales work in both England and Ireland for The Irish Thoroughbred Farm, Coolmore. Followed kitchen design specialty projects in Las Vegas from small remodels to $9 million dollar spec and custom luxury homes. Worked for Davis Kitchens in Albuquerque for one year.
Founded Dragonfly Kitchens, Inc. in 2006

A letter from Lisa Barker

Susie Johnson is an amazing human being. That said, her business Dragonfly Kitchens employs every aspect of her work ethic value system, and joy for living and helping others. I learned years ago that Susie's motivation is minutely financial, but based on her inherent desire to create beauty, functionality, and results that continue to stun and amaze her clients, Her passion is to please, as she quietly under promises and over performs.

"I have referred Susie to many clients, in all price ranges and have received nothing but stellar reports, gratitude, and stories of how amazing she was to work with. One referral resulted in two complete homes (both with amazing libraries, kitchens, baths, entry halls etc.....), that same client (a well versed attorney and contractor) is now flying Susie to Michigan to work on her next home.

She has affordably, rapidly, and amazing transformed homes before many eyes, with NEVER a less than thrilled client.

There is no better problem solver, no better budget re organizer, and most importantly no one who stays on top, and in touch like she does. She is an artist, an astute and greed free business woman with impeccable integrity........ who of all things quickly becomes a family friend. If she herself is unloading the semi truck or if ANY service after sale is needed it is addressed immediately. Deadlines are met.

In 30 years in my own business, I cannot say I have encountered such a gem! There are very few and anyone who reads this has the opportunity to be amazed and feel the joy of working with someone of her caliber.

I am always happy to visit with a prospective new client, and cannot recommend anyone more valuable. It just doesn't get any better!"

Lisa Barker
Barker Realty
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Omega Cabinetry
Omega Cabinetry beginnings started in a small barn in rural community of Washburn, Iowa. In 2002 Omega Cabinetry became a valued member of the Fortune Brands family. Now located in Waterloo, Iowa Omega/Dynasty Cabinetry boasts state of the art production space of over 400,000 sq ft on almost 40 acres. Omega/Dynasty offers 8 wood species plus 3 rustics and Stainless Steel. Omega Custom is an all Custom framed line. Dynasty is a semi-custom framed line. Inset Cabinetry is also available with Omega/Dynasty. Construction includes an all wood box in both levels. All doors and moldings are made by Omega Dynasty Cabinetry. Omega/Dynasty Cabinetry is dedicated to quality craftsmanship and superior service. Omega Cabinetry has a Lifetime Limited Warranty for the lifetime of the original consumer purchaser. Omega Custom has unlimited modification options and all interiors are matching finished wood interiors. Omega/Dynasty recently was rated "Best Cabinetry Brand" by Consumers Report. Commitment to the environment is upmost with Omega/Dynasty. 98.88% of its total waste is recycled to produce energy to make new products. Omega Cabinetry has earned their certification in the groundbreaking Environmental Stewardship Program administered by the KCMA. The criteria is divided into five categories, all of which Omega Cabinetry had demonstrated their compliance.

DuraSupreme Cabinetry
DuraSupreme a privately owned company, was founded in Minnesota by Donald Stotts in the 1950's with a vision of delivering outstanding value along with outstanding design choices in hand-crafted cabinetry. Nearly sixty years later, DuraSupreme now has a 220,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Company President, Keith Shotts (son of the original founder), continues to lead the company on the guiding principles of quality and innovation that were established by his father. With three levels, Crestwood (framed manufactured wood box), Alectra (frameless) and Designer (framed all wood box) and Designer Inset. DuraSupreme has over 150,000 combinations of door styles, finish and modifications. DuraSupreme is backed by a limited Lifetime warranty-your assurance of exemplary quality and a solid investment.

Homecrest Cabinetry
Located in central Indiana, HomeCrest has manufactured quality cabinetry at affordable prices for over three decades. With over 300 styles and finish combinations to choose from, HomeCrest can transform any space with superior affordable cabinetry. With HomeCrest' fast turnarounds and comprehensive warranty, HomeCrest delivers!

KitchenCraft Cabinetry
No cabinetry company offers the quality construction, unique styling, fashionable finishes, design flexibility and consistent deliveries at the KitchenCraft price point. KitchenCraft has a unique offering of full access (frameless) semi custom cabinetry featuring both traditional and contemporary styling with modifications to create excellent designs in kitchens and throughout the home. There are over 4000 door style, finish and modification combinations. KitchenCraft is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba with a 600,000 square foot manufacturing plant and is the largest of Canada's cabinet companies. KitchenCraft makes all their doors and trim and has a 10 year Limited Warranty.

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